Cuba should be a USA state for many reasons.

Cuban people must be American citizen by birth and, therefore, have the protection of the American constitution, if we ever want to see a prosperous Cuba and put an end to the political takeovers that have so plagued Cuban history.

To start with, throughout Cuba’s past up until its present, we have had a small percentage of Cubans using the excuse of “an independent Cuba “to exploit and manipulate the other bigger percentage of Cuban.

We have various examples of this: The Machado dictatorship, the totalitarian regimes of both the Batista and Castro families.

Secondly, throughout Cuba’s long history of totalitarianism this continues to this day, that small percentage of the Cuban population did not respect the Cuban constitution. Simply put, they did what they wanted to do.

Thirdly, millions of Cubans have already renounced their Cuban citizenship in front of a US judge to opt for US citizenship.

Fourth, we have in the Great Miami, a territory of the USA, the first Cuban city as judged by the number of people living there who were born in Cuba or of Cuban descent.

Fifth, after the Castro dictatorship has come to an end, we must create a new Cuba in which inequality is nonexistent. This inequality lies in the fact that Cubans with US citizenship have the freedom to move from place to place as they please, while those without US citizenship do not have this sort of mobility.

Finally, it is important to remember that the Cuban flag was created by Miguel Teurbe Tolon for Narciso Lopez, the latter wanting Cuba to be a state of the US. The Cuban flag, then, was created with only one purpose in mind that it be the flag of a US state.

So when the day comes that actual elections are held in Cuba, there will be, on the ballot, a candidate that wants Cuba to be a US state. If that candidate wins, the new Cuban government will begin legal proceedings with the USA to make the vision of a state of Cuba, and US citizenship for all Cubans a reality.





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